Michael Servetus, Heretic or Saint? - Edition Kindle

By Radovan Lovci

Edition: Kindle
Publisher: Sharpless House, Inc.
Pages: 42
Publication date: 2010
Language: English
Price: 2,68$

In 1553, Dr. Michael Servetus was executed by burning at the stake by Swiss Calvinists. John Calvin branded Servetus as a heretic based on correspondence they had. Calvin even said, "If Servetus comes to Geneva, I shall never let him leave alive-if my authority has any weight." Servetus was also denounced as a heretic by French Catholics who questioned him, but had to let him go for lack of evidence. Then, thanks to the submission of 17 of the letters that were part of his correspondence with the Protestant Calvin, the Catholic Inquisition convicted Servetus of heresy and sentenced him to death. He managed to escape only to be arrested by the Protestant City Government in Geneva. For the second time, the Spanish scholar was tried and sentenced to die, this time by Protestants.

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