Book: Miguel Servet, cumbre del renacimiento

By Fernando Solsona
Publisher: Ed. Instituto de Estudios Sijenenses "Miguel Servet" (Michael Servetus Institute)
Pages: 195
Publication date: 2012
Language: Spanish
Price: 18€

When Dr. Fernando Solsona published in 1988 his biography of Michael Servetus in the book series "Los Aragoneses", edited by the Government of Aragon, a new and important work was introduced in the Spanish book market in order to allow non-specialist readers to begin approaching the life and work of the great Spanish intellectual. Book shops soon run out of this book. This improved new edition of the 1988 biography, edited by the Michael Servetus Institute, with the sponsorship of the Government of Aragon, is also to be considered a landmark event in Servetian studies, given the difficulties to find in the Spanish book shops biographies of Michael Servetus. The main features of this edition have been posted on our online shop for your perusal.